City of sharon maps its revitalization

From: Sharon Herold

Nearly every chair is filled in Dave Pegg’s Barbering & Shave Parlor mid-morning in mid-August.

Owner Dave Pegg, who has operated his own barbershop for six years, opened a storefront in the Applegate Building in Sharon, Pa. this spring.

Business at the Sharpsville Avenue shop has been steady since the move, Pegg reports. “It stays busy. It’s been great,” he says.

“He’s doing very well. There’s a ton of foot traffic down there. It’s really an intimate but rustic-feeling barber shop,” says Riley Atterholt, development director for JCL Development, which owns the Applegate Building.

Redevelopment of the building – where a gift shop will join Pegg’s shop later this year, followed by a new restaurant set to open February – represents just one component of the public and private-sector efforts to revitalize downtown Sharon.

This month, consultants hired by the city will begin work on two studies, one focusing on developing a strategy for addressing blighted properties and the other exploring the feasibility of a neighborhood improvement district, reports Melissa Phillips, community and economic development director for the city of Sharon.

These studies follow a volunteer-led mapping initiative that took place last September. About 70 volunteers spread through the city and assessed each of the city’s buildings.

“The good news to come out of that is that overwhelmingly there were far more good and excellent structures than blighted property,” Phillips says.

Unfortunately, the blighted structures are the most noticeable ones so the bad “seems to outweigh the good, even though the numbers aren’t necessarily there,” Phillips concedes.

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