City inspectors ticketing ‘nuisance’ properties

By: Steve Mocarsky, Wilkes-Barre Citizens Voice

Published: October 5, 2017

WILKES-BARRE — Teams of city inspectors hit the sidewalks in the Heights on Wednesday, looking for quality-of-life code violations as operation “Taking It to the Streets” made its debut.

Tree limbs hanging over your fence and obstructing your sidewalk? Bam! A $100 violation ticket is taped to your door.

Indoor furniture on your front porch? Pow! Another $100 ticket.

Fail to pay the ticket within 48 hours? A 10 percent late fee is added to the fine for each day your payment is late, up to 10 days. And if you don’t pay the fine within 10 working days, a citation will be filed with the magistrate’s office.

Mayor Tony George’s office said the three teams of inspectors issued a total of 66 quality-of-life tickets Wednesday in the Heights neighborhood, bordered by Coal and East Northampton streets.

The top three violations were accumulations of rubbish/garbage; high grass, weeds or plant growth; and abandoned vehicles. Generally, the teams received positive feedback and tips about properties from neighbors, according to the mayor’s office.

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