City Hopes to Document 6,500 Houses in a Day

The city of Sharon plans to make a significant advance in the battle against blight, and to do so, it’s going try something never before done in Pennsylvania.

City leaders, along with county and state officials, collaborated on a plan to survey every house in the city on Sept. 15, said Melissa Lynn Holmes, Sharon’s community and economic development director.

In a single day, officials hope to collect historical and current information on all 6,500 houses in the city, which will be collected with geographic information systems mapping, Holmes said.

GIS mapping lets municipalities create maps by collecting data though Survey123, a mobile app used to create digital indexes and maps. Once the information is collected, the data can be displayed and analyzed to help with historic home inventory, as well as land banking stock.

Holmes said the plan to canvass the city came in large part from the city’s need to collect historical information on the 60 properties involved in Sharon’s 2018 demolition plan.

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