Affordable senior housing option moves forward in Clearfield County


Published: December 11, 2017

Sandy Township, Clearfield County, Pa. – Pennsylvania has the one of the highest amount of elderly residents in the country. Sandy Township knows they need to bring more affordable housing options for aging.

“I think that there is tremendously large need in the township for it. We’re an aging community,” explains township manager, Dave Monella.

Elder Cottage Housing Opportunity Program (ECHO) housing is now taking a step forward in Clearfield County. The idea was first proposed by the Clearfield Agency On Aging about six months ago. Since then, the two groups have been trying to work out all the details. Now, an ordinance will be written after the supervisors made the decision a week ago.

Director of Business Development for the Agency on Aging, Julie Fenton says, “this is a step forward where they’ve agreed to write it and draft it.”

The ECHO cottages are single housing units- just under 600 sqft. They must sit on a family member’s property.

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