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Founded in 1985 by a determined, visionary group of housing advocates from across the state facing the burgeoning homelessness crisis,

The Pennsylvania Low Income Housing Coalition (PALIHC) renamed itself the Housing Alliance of Pennsylvania in 2003 to broaden its base of support while retaining its commitment to low-income people.

We have grown into an influential community of housing consumers, advocates, producers, providers, policy makers and local government officials working from shared belief that everyone deserves a home within their reach.

We work by providing research, coalition-building, leadership and outreach to win policies that either increase the supply or reduce barriers to the production, rehabilitation, preservation of provision of safe, decent homes for low-income people.

The Housing Alliance has played a leading role in many significant housing policy advances in the last two decades, including:

  • Establishment of the Homeowner Mortgage Assistance Program (HEMAP) which has helped over 43,000 homeowners since 1984.
  • Establishment of the County Affordable Housing Trust Fund which has raised about $50M throughout the Commonwealth for housing.
  • TANF for Housing which provided $60M for housing and homeless programs during Governor Ridge’s administration.
  • Low Income Housing Tax Credit Exchange as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act which brought $200M to PA creating about 2400 low-priced, quality rental units and produced about 3000 jobs.
  • Research, outreach and advocacy resulting in passage of seven new laws to address blighted and abandoned property between 2004 and 2010.
  • Adoption of a consistent revenue source for the State Housing Trust Fund.