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A Community Working Together

The Housing Alliance is a statewide coalition working to provide leadership and a common voice for policies, practices and resources to ensure that all Pennsylvanians, especially those with low incomes, have access to safe, decent and affordable homes.

Our Values

  • If you work hard and play by the rules, you should be able to afford a decent place to live.
  • Thriving communities should provide people with a variety of choices in places to live.
  • No child should be homeless. In fact, no one should be homeless involuntarily.
  • Parents should be able to spend time with their children and community, rather than in long commutes to and from work.
  • Seniors and people with disabilities should be able to live safely and with dignity.
  • Businesses that invest in our communities deserve the support of housing policies that help them find and keep qualified workers.
  • Government leaders have an obligation to plan ahead and look at the big picture, to enact policies that allow the housing market to meet the needs of our economy.

Click here to view the Housing Alliance's  fact sheet.

Strategic Directions adopted 6/16/15.  Download the PDF.