Quick Guide: New Tools to Address Blight and Abandonment

While addressing blight is a local concern, the solutions are largely enabled by State law. Over the past several years the Pennsylvania General Assembly, in response to demand by local communities, has begun to modernize antiquated laws that stand in the way of local efforts. New individual laws are beginning to weave a “policy infrastructure,” or toolkit to transform blighted and abandoned property into quality homes people can afford, gardens and farms for fresh food, new business and industry that create local jobs. This “QUICK GUIDE” describes these news tools.

This QUICK GUIDE also includes NEW TOOLS WE NEED to craft a strong, innovative land recycling system for Pennsylvania without which local communities will continue to be stymied in their efforts to reclaim the blighted and abandoned property that plagues them. Information about tools we do not yet have, but need, to reclaim abandoned Pennsylvania is also included.

Housing Alliance of Pennsylvania
This Quick Guide provides a compilation and brief description of state laws recently enacted for Pennsylvania’s communities to address the problem of vacant, abandoned and blighted private property.