128 hours per week: That’s how much a minimum-wage earner must work to afford a two-bedroom Philly apartment 

By Beth McConnell & Rasheedah Phillips, Philadelphia Inquirer

Published: November 18, 2017

How many times in recent years has a national magazine or website touted Philly as a great place to live? After years of decline, new housing developments and apartments are rising in places that not long ago contained dilapidated structures or empty lots. With them has come an influx of new residents, some of them young people attracted to Philadelphia’s new cachet, others returning from the suburbs to share in the delights of a big but walkable city.

But not all Philadelphians have benefited from this growth. In fact, the hot real estate market contributes to rising rents and home prices that are pushing low-income and working-class people out of their old neighborhoods, and preventing them from finding housing in neighborhoods right for them. For many, it is difficult to find affordable housing anywhere, and it will only get worse unless the city boosts the availability of affordable housing now.

That’s why the Mixed Income Housing Program bill in City Council (No. 170678) is needed.

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