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State Housing Budget, Policies and Programs

State investment in the housing market has a double bottom line: it provides homes and economic growth. Many good state-funded housing programs help provide stable homes and communities for our most vulnerable citizens.  They also help grow the economy by producing jobs and tax revenue and by creating demand for products manufactured right here in the Keystone State.
Key programs include:
  • Pennsylvania Accessible Housing Program (PAH) modifies homes for low-income seniors and people with disabilities so that they can remain in their homes.
  • Homeless Assistance Program (HAP) prevents and reduces homelessness by assisting families to stay in or move into homes.
  • Homeowners Emergency Mortgage Assistance Program (HEMAP) provides loans to help homeowners pay their mortgages until they get back on their feet, saving 45,000 homes since 1983.
  • Housing and Redevelopment Assistance (HRA) funds community revitalization and projects to develop affordable homes.
  • Legal Aid provides homeowners with representation in foreclosure.
  • Neighborhood Assistance (Tax Credit) Program (NAP) provides tax credits to corporations that contribute to approved community enhancement projects.



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      By: PRESS RELEASE (HTTPS://WWW.GOVERNOR.PA.GOV/TOPIC/PRESS-RELEASE/) Date: November 18, 2016 Governor Tom Wolf proudly announces that the Commonwealth Cornerstone Group (CCG), a non-profit community development group created by the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency, has secured $80 million in New Markets Tax Credit (NMTC) allocations. Click here to read full article.

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