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Help us Prevent Poverty Across Pennsylvania

Living in poverty, or avoiding it, poses a range of challenges aside from just housing: health, employment, safety, education, and much more. While these aspects of life often parallel an individual or family’s housing situation, they are also an important piece of their experience and their well-being.



    • FACT SHEET: Launching the Data-Driven Justice Initiative: Disrupting the Cycle of Incarceration

      By: The White House Every year, more than 11 million people move through America’s 3,100 local jails, many on low-level, non-violent misdemeanors, costing local governments approximately $22 billion a year.In local jails, 64 percent of people suffer from mental illness, 68 percent have a substance abuse disorder, and 44 percent suffer from chronic health problems.Communities …more

    • Obama administration designates 9 new promise zones

      By: Kathleen Hennessey Published: June 6, 2016 WASHINGTON (AP) " The Obama administration has added nine communities to its effort to ease access to federal aid and cut red tape for areas beset by joblessness, hunger, crime and poor housing. The newly selected so-called Promise Zones include neighborhoods in Nashville, south Los Angeles, the west side …more

    • Barriers to work leave many on welfare

      By Sandy Scarmack  Published: May 12, 2016 HERMITAGE – Though she acknowledges significant hurdles for people who want to get off welfare and get a job, Hope Couch, who once worked in the industry that provides cash assistance to low-income families, said she still believes work is the way out of poverty. Speaking at the …more

    • Mobile market offers fresh fare, a fresh chance

      By: Michaelle Bond Published: March 13, 2016 Moreh White says he became homeless after a string of temporary jobs and imprudent spending left him unable to pay rent. Mobile market offers fresh fare, a fresh chance. But last week, he stood behind a counter in a trailer, hawking fresh fruits and vegetables, and embracing his …more

    • Webinar Recording: Voter Registration Webinar

      With the deadline for registering in the Primary Elections quickly approaching, view this webinar dedicated to the topic of mobilizing voters and getting our collective voice heard. Our presenters outline best practices for conducting nonpartisan voter registration, why it is important to mobilize our residents, clients and consumers, and the “do’s and don’ts" for non-profits. …more

    • Learn how to give your consumers a political voice

      By: Vanessa Kopp, Housing Alliance of Pennsylvania Published: February 17, 2016 As providers and advocates, we have the unique opportunity to connect those deeply affected by the decisions of our policy makers with the tools to get their voices heard, starting with registering to vote. In an effort to mobilize ALL Pennsylvanians to head to …more

    • 2016 appropriations placed low priority on low-income programs; Better priorities needed for 2017

      By: David Reich and Douglas Rice Published: January 27, 2016 The 2016 appropriations legislation enacted in December included a number of beneficial funding increases, but programs that assist households with low or moderate incomes fared considerably worse than others, on balance.  The legislation provided a significant increase for both defense and non-defense programs, made possible …more

    • Where brunch and housing segregation collide

      By: Leah Donnella Published: January  14, 2016 There's been a lot of conversation lately about people of color dealing with "only one in the room" syndrome in the workplace. But in 2016, it's still remarkably easy to be the only person of color in any given social situation. My Code Switch teammate Gene Demby and …more

    • Webinar: NDCÂ’s Economic Development Finance Certification Training Program

      Are you in economic development and looking to “amp-up” your toolkit? Do you want to be more competitive in getting incentives locally, connect community and economic development? Are you a local or state official, run a community organization, a redevelopment or economic development authority?   Thanks to our sponsors – DCED, Pittsburgh’s URA, Allegheny County Economic …more

    • Work Pittsburgh building futures for ex-offenders

      By: Christian Morrow Published: September 30, 2015 At the end of the day when Kris Davis leaves his job at Work Pittsburgh on the South Side, he can look across the rivers at the Allegheny County Jail windows he would stare out of. “I would look at the cars on Parkway East and wish I …more